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born January 30. 1972 in Waiblingen, Germany.
At the age of 10 he got his first drum set, spent his childhood playing drums and soccer and finally moved to Hamburg to study with Udo Dahmen at the "Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst".
Back in Stuttgart, Oli engaged in numerous activities including live and studio work covering a wide range of musical styles; he has gradually built himself a reputation as a skilled and creative performer in the modern club music scene. Interested in music like trip-hop, R&B, house, drum&bass and broken beats, Oli developped his own style of imitating the sound and aesthetic of electronic music, playing usually programmed grooves/loops on his minimalistic acoustic drum set.
But it is also the history and the sound aesthetic of electronic drums and drum synthesizers that fascinate him.
These days Oli is looking for interesting ways of integrating those old machines, as well as actual computer/software solutions to his drum performance.

here are a few artists he performed and/or recorded with:
Ayla, Bürger Lars Dietrich, Christian Prommer's Drumlesson, DaNaCeE, De Phazz, Dieter Seelow, Dublex Inc., El Houssaine Kili, Die Fantastischen Vier, Phil Fuldner, Funkbrueder, Marla Glen, Hellmut Hattler ("Kraan", "Tab Two"), hr-Bigband, Marque, Netzer, ndr-Bigband, DJ Illvibe, Wolfgang Schmid ("Passport"), Turntablerocker (Michi Beck & DJ Thomilla)...

discography, selected listings (->)

Oli proudly plays MEINL Cymbals, TAMA Drums, BOSS, ROLAND, JOMOX and
VERMONA Electronics, VIC FIRTH Sticks, EVANS heads and he uses SOMMER CABLE,
NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Battery 3, SUGAR BYTES Effectrix and the ABLETON Live Software.
Furthermore he loves to work with any kind of echo or those old drum synths and machines...

for further information just take a look at those pages:
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listen to Oli's own music/remixes (netzer), visit his organic electro beats performances or just take a look at him (->).

read his book "e-BEATS | Die Ästhetik von elektronischen und programmierten Beats und deren Live-Umsetzung auf dem Schlagzeug" (LEU Verlag, 2007 ISBN-13 9783897750920)

buy his solo album (date of release: 12/03)

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